Classes, schools, universities
Studios, trainers, coaches
Leagues, federations, promotions
Concerts, conferences, productions
News outlets, TV channels & shows
Bloggers, influencers
Maximize your revenue streams
Interface Customization
Live Streaming
Stream live with confidence
Tailor your platform look
24/7 Assistance
Boost your reach and engagement
Digitize your offline events
Increase event revenue and expand your audience reach effortlessly
Stream your events online and monetize efficiently
Easy and fast setup
We'll help you to create a high-quality video service for your events in just a couple of days
Subscription & PPV monetization
Generate recurring revenue by offering subscription plans for access to exclusive event content, or sell Pay-Per-View options for individual events
Online ticket sales
Sell tickets online for live event viewing, offering flexible pricing options and seamless payment integration
Scalable and flexible
Easily adaptable from small conferences to large festivals with multi-camera options and interactive features
High quality video and audio
Ensure top-notch streaming quality with advanced technology
Seamlessly integrate with CRM systems, social media, and other tools for efficient event management and promotion
Analytics and reporting
Get detailed insights into streaming performance and viewer engagement to evaluate event success
Experience total convenience with an all-in-one service
Be cutting-edge
Start on-demand sales and membership, share promo сodes & trials, use advertising integrations
Use built-in GPT-4 for product descriptions, improving content quality and launch White Label mobile and TV apps
Live time support
Ensure that our dedicated team is always available to assist you with any issues or questions, no matter when they arise
Maximize profit

You'll also get...

Ensure that content receives the royal protection it deserves while making geo-targeting easier than ever
Content management
It’s never been easier to tag,
re-group and organise your video library into collections or platform sections
Tags & collections
Allow your fans to share their emotions in live chat during live broadcasts and engage with your content in real-time
Live chat
Live streaming
Allow your fans to enjoy unparalleled video resolution with 4K streaming options
Manage lists, export data, and monitor purchases and activities of individuals efficiently
4K support
Full audience control
Video management
User management
Enable global accessibility by offering your platform in multiple languages tailored to diverse markets worldwide
Video management
Use special short-links with UTM-tags to define the highest performing sources of revenue
UTM tracking
Collect, manage, and engage with your subscribers effectively using comprehensive tools
Analytics dashboard
Your content is safe and secure with our advanced DRM protection technology
DRM protection
Host unforgettable events with Sprintty!